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Epiphany is the story of Luka, a young girl trying to reconnect with her father, a Greek sponge diver. Filmed on location in Tarpon Springs! An engaging tale of a family's journey from its heartbreaking flight from war-torn Cyprus to the struggles of trying to make a living in the sea sponge industry. Told through the eyes of Luka, a young Greek girl trying to find her way in a world of people she doesn't always understand, Epiphany is a character-driven story of a fractured family and how they learn to lean on their Greek heritage to find their way back to one another. Abandoned as a baby by her father, Luka was raised by her aunt and uncle - the story unfolds following the death of Luka's aunt, leaving Uncle Peter reeling from grief and resentment, and Luka searching to connect with the father she hardly knows while he is navigating a new relationship with a woman who may have the will and heart to save them all. Just when they start to try to find their way back to each other, a bitter figure from their past threatens to take it all away, again. Epiphany is a lyrical love poem to Greek culture. It is a story of familial love. This story lives on the sea and in the hearts of simple, hardworking people who struggle to maintain the important traditions of the past while striving for happiness in the present moment.

Epiphany (DVD)

  • Filmed on location in Tarpon Springs, Florida

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