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The Mark of Athena was a coin that the goddess Athena gave to a select few of her demigod offspring to avenge her against the Romans for stealing her sacred statue. The coin leads its possessor to the Athena Parthenos in Rome, where Athena's rival, Arachne, was guarding the statue in a chamber. Every few generations, if Athena considers one of her children worthy, she gives them a silver drachma. The image of Athena's sacred animal, an owl, appears and "guides" the possessor to the statue. The Crescent moon represents the night and the owl's wisdom to see in the dark. The Olive Branch, which was a common theme in Athenian currency, symbolizes Athena's peaceful victory over Poseidon. The letters AOE is an abbreviation for of Athenians ATHENA is the Greek goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice & skill.

14 gram sterling silver pendant handcrafted in Greece.

Includes organza gift bag. Handcrafted in Greece.

Athena Replica Coin Pendant

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  • Pendant = 1 1/4 inch (W)

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