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A breathtakingly beautiful virtual tour shot in high definition from a helicopter-mounted camera. Lifting off from Athens, you embark on a modern odyssey as varied and dramatic as Greek history, exploring exotic islands scattered like stones in the brilliant blue Aegean, ancient ruins, verdant hills, rocky coastlines, and timeless traditions. The dramatic view is enhanced by a soundtrack of traditional and modern Greek music and a narrative that celebrates Greek history and mythology. With nearly an hour of bonus footage not seen on public television. Includes these programs: Visions of Greece--Travel from Corfu to Crete, Meteora to Mykonos, the Peloponnese, Rhodes, Santorini, Thessaloniki, and many other glorious destinations along the way. Visions of Greece: Off the Beaten Path--Features the unusual, the unexpected, and the incomparable. See the smoldering crater of the Nissiros volcano, ancient marketplaces, hilltop towns, old fishing villages, and much more!

Visions of Greece (DVD)

SKU: ACP12047
  • Encoding: DVD Region 1 (U.S. & Canada)
    Approximate time: 167 minutes
    Format: 16:9 Widescreen

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