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Karagiozis plays the role of a doctor!Tracks:Apopse tha xepodariastoume - Thelo giatro kombogianniti - Me epiase liroponos - Vixe ke anasane - Tora ta kaname mouskema - O pentorouthounos - Na stamatisoune ta glendokopimata - Ine faltsos o vlahos - Na zisi o giatros - I parastasi mas elave telosKaragiozis is a poor hunchbacked Greek, his right hand is always depicted long, his clothes are ragged and patched, and his feet are always bare. He lives in a poor cottage with his wife Aglaia and his three sons, during the times of the Ottoman Empire. Because of his poverty, Karagiozis uses funny mischievous and crude ways to find money and feed his family.

O Karagiozis Giatros (CD)

SKU: CD464-0352

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