A gorgeous collection of classic Greek myths welcomes readers of all ages into a legendary world of beauty, tragedy, and miracle.Enter a world where anything is possible. A god might be a mountain or a shower of gold. A nymph may be a stream or an echo in the wind. The myths of ancient Greece are full of such wonders, as well as a host of courageous heroes, cunning heroines, and terrible monsters. Ann Turnbull�s compelling prose enlivens sixteen of the most celebrated myths, from the sadness of Persephone to the ill-fated love of Orpheus and Eurydice, from Pandora�s unlucky curiosity to the greed of King Midas to many more age-old tales filled with drama and romance. In vivid, expressive detail, Sarah Young�s fine-art illustrations bring this golden world to life, capturing creatures from Cerberus, the three-headed dog, to the sinister snake-haired Medusa.Language: EnglishPages: 168Format: Hardcover

Greek Myths - English (Book)

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